Anew Pardus? or New Pardus?

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My last blog entry was about why I decided to stay aside for a while. As I mentioned there, I left my administration duty at but I emphasized that I’ve been elected for advisory board that is decided at the Tomorrow of Pardus Workshop is done at March 23-24 and will continue my new duty by conributing to Pardus on the other fields. I still keep my words.

For a while, I don’t exist around here even in forums or #pardus channel. I’ve my personal reasons and even if they still exist, I decided today that I need to write.

Pardus #Anka

As you know, It’s announced in January that Pardus 2011, is last individual version of Pardus, is ended its life cycle, it won’t be go on to develop anymore and there won’t be any update for package repository. After that, a lot of people removed Pardus from their systems and moved to alternative distros. Some of us have insisted to use Pardus because we didn’t want to believe what happens. Those stubborns, that does not give up Pardus, owing to the package repositories controlled by, parduslife and communities moved on untill today by updating their systems using those repositories.

If I’m not wrong, in january, Erdinç Gültekin (pantera) was the first person that have talked about Anka and an organization is established to continue Pardus by the community. (Facebook pisi farm group) A copy of official repository is uploaded to and it’s been started to update the packages. One of the most hard working person in that period was dear Hamit Giray Nart. I’ve to mention him.

#Anka was a prealpha release of Pardus 2012 to keep alive the belief of continuity of Pardus. Now, #Anka is aimed to add new properties to Pardus owing to contributors although it’s known as only a package update process. It’s been planning to announce a new iso in this month.

My personal idea is that it’s much more convenient that #Anka move on its way as a Pardus based distro although PKD and PLO heading #Anka work assume that those workings are to supply updated package support to users and build the infrastructure is planned to go on with community support in the interim of re-starting of Pardus by TUBITAK. Because…

Anew Pardus?

I know/at least belive that open source software have to be developed in an open place to everyone. I believe that previous administration (Erkan Tekman and his team) tried to act in consistent with free software philosophy even they didn’t satisfy a lot of people including the teacher Necdet with his criticisms. If you ask me how it will go on from now on? I don’t know. Because I’ve not contact directly with the new decision-makers except the workshop. As I know, there is no even one developer in the project. I’m trying to follow the news created by my country’s media that is in a perceptual illusion but it’s so difficult to accomplish it by a news have a heading “Everbody will use Pardus” as if only an elite group is allowed to use th Pardus until now, hereafter everybody will use it. I don’t get it how a mind can write that heading and why.

As I understood by the explanations;

It has been decided seriously in some topics and it’s said that Pardus passed all the tests and only Pardus will be used in 620 thousand interactive board.
It’s said that a new Pardus release will be announced in a couple of months.
It’s said that “The Advisory Board”, that is decided to establish in the workshop at March, will meet in near future.

The New Pardus?

I believe that significant decisions will be taken by the Advisory Board that will meet in the coming days, but I strictly belive most of those decisions were already taken a long time ago behind closed doors because of tradition of bureaucracy of my country and will be picked up from the options on the table. And those decisions make us query our priorities. The love of free software? or Pardus love? That’s why we need to put forth now what we want, so we are able to be prepared for the Advisory board.

I request that you help me at the meeting as I think that they invite me as a member of Advisory Board. I need your ideas on 3 basic topics.

1- What do you want in pardus? What should be in Pardus?

2- What don’t you want in Pardus? What shouldn’t be in Pardus?

3- Which pardus technologies can be given up to keep alive the Pardus?

Please add your ideas as comments in this post or send to

Please excuse my silence for a couple of months, I’m waiting for your ideas. Faithfully…

(Thank you for the translation İsmail Sezen)


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